I live in Santa Fe, which has long been home to a beloved independent bookstore, The Ark. The owner, Michael, and I were talking one day.

As I thanked him for having created such a wonderful place, he smiled, and asked me, “Want to know my secret?” I waited.


We both smiled. Michael loves us, his customers. He loves what he’s selling, which includes the books, the wisdom teachings. He’s created a beautiful space, in every way.

And he’s still in business, way past the time when many other independent bookstores have been forced to shut down. Michael’s business comes from love. The result? A lot of people gladly buy products from The Ark.

Do You Have Enough?

Doing the work you want, having relationships that mean something, is all about love, isn’t it?

Love, and deep listening. Because you first have to listen to yourself to know what you love, which invites you to have what you want.

The whispered (sometimes screaming) voice of your longings and desires needs to be heard. Believe me, they will be heard, one way or the other.

When you’re listening to yourself, and able to quietly sit with what is, then you can begin strategizing an action plan to move forward.

Can you listen deeply enough to yourself to hear whether you truly have enough love?

Riding the Waves

Mindful awareness is the best way I know to learn deep listening. And it doesn’t have to be sitting on a funny looking little cushion thing, chanting in a foreign language.

The truth is, though, it’s usually easiest to start a mindful meditation practice by sitting quietly, riding the waves of the breath. Once you know how to do that, you can bring mindfulness everywhere you go.

After all, your breath is always with you, no?

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