Everything mindfulness is the topic of this episode. The beloved mindful meditation / mindful working / mindful loving / mindful living teacher, Michelle DuVal, is in the virtual studio.

Michelle is the director of The Mindful Center in Albuquerque, the leading provider of mindfulness training in the Southwest.

She offers ongoing training in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), has online courses and meditations, and facilitates retreats at Ghost Ranch, in Abiquiu, NM.

In this episode, Michelle and Melanie talk about the hunger for mindful awareness, how to meet what’s happening with awareness, and much more.

Michelle shares her wisdom and experience in this fun, contemplative, light-hearted show.

“Stress is a form of holding on, peace is a form of letting go.” Michelle DuVal

more information about Michelle’s 3-day Silent Meditation at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu here

The Mindful Center and Michelle DuVal website is here

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