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Living From Happiness Podcast

“You’re way better than Oprah, Melanie! You’re a sophisticated, mediagenic interviewer. I always have a great time on your show.”

~Bill O’Hanlon,
guest on Oprah;
author of 35+ books;
international speaker and teacher;
founder of Solution-Focused Therapy

“Melanie is an excellent radio show host. She’s warm-hearted, thoughtful and sensitive. Melanie makes each show informative, interesting and thought provoking. I always look forward to listening to Living From Happiness. Thank you for all that you give to our community!”

~Dr. Karin Lubin,
author of “My Life Through the Seasons, A Wisdom Journal and Planner;”
Global Director and Senior Master Trainer of the Passion Test Programs

“I’ve been interviewed for several national TV and print media outlets — you’re one of the best interviewers I’ve ever experienced.”

~Doug Lynam,
author of best-selling “From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk’s Financial Guide to Becoming a Little Bit Wealthy — and Why That’s OK”

Podcast Episodes

What’s Emotional Health & Wellbeing in Santa Fe, NM

What's emotional health and wellbeing, and why does it matter? That's a big question, and Daryl Van Tongeren has lots of answers and ideas. Daryl is a social psychologist, college professor, a person who now knows how to swim (which I learned about after reading his...

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Feeling Sad and Anxious in Santa Fe, NM

Feeling sad and feeling anxious are two common signs of ambiguous loss. Dr. Pauline Boss, one of the world's leading experts on ambiguous loss. In this podcast, she shares insights and research in her newest book, The Myth of Closure: Ambiguous Loss in a Time of...

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Self-Awareness in Santa Fe NM

Self-awareness and self-compassion are the touchstones of this fascinating episode with Dr. Melanie Harth, the Santa Fe Therapist, and Silvia Stenitzer, master psychotherapist and trainer. Silvia Stenitzer is a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Fe, NM. She's gathered...

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CPTSD, Activism, Hope 04/20/22

What's the connection between CPTSD, activism, and hope? Melanie and Artemisio Romero y Carver dive into all of it in this fast-paced episode. Arte is a Chicana artist, poet, and grassroots organizer. Santa Fe Youth Poet Laureate in 2020, Arte's voice is informed,...

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Anxiety, Depression & Addictive Behaviors 04/06/22

Anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors can be best friends. I'm talking about the kind of "best" friend that can suck you in so deeply that you forget who you are and how it feels to be healthy and thriving. Yvonne Castaneda is a licensed social worker, adjunct...

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Mindfulness and Stress 08/30/21

      Mindfulness and stress. Is there really a connection between a little bit of mindfulness and easing some of your stress? Absolutely.   Can mindfulness make all of your stress disappear and never come back again? Nope.   Boston-based Rebecca Pacheco, a top...

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The Wisdom of Journaling 08/16/21

Journaling can help us uncover a tremendous amount of internal wisdom. Dr. Elaine Casquarelli and Dr. Karin Lubin share insights, ideas, and lots of laughter in this episode. Elaine is a psychotherapist who incorporates IFS (Internal Family Systems) into her work with...

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Stress & Stress Relief 08/09/21

Stress. Who isn't stressed these days? Absolutely no one. Melanie's the guest on her own show in this episode inspired by a New York Times article on smart phones and stress. Do you know that stress really does affect everything else in our lives, from how we feel...

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