JoAnne Tucker, Ph.D., and Regina Ress join Melanie, one from Santa Fe and the other all the way from Costa Rica!

JoAnne was a dance major at Juilliard School, earned her Ph.D. in Theatre from the University of Wisconsin. She was the Artistic Director and Choreographer of the Avodah Dance Ensemble, a New York City-based modern dance company. Currently, she’s the president of Healing Voices, and co-director of the new film Out of the Shadows: Shining Light on Domestic Violence.

Regina is a storyteller, founding board member of Ahvodah, an actor, educator, and assistant director of the same film.

JoAnne, Regina, and Melanie talk about domestic violence, creativity, healing from trauma, and dance as a powerful medium of expression.

It’s shocking that in the United States right now, one woman is killed every 16 hours by an intimate partner. Between 2001-2012, 6,500 US troops were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. During that same time period, 11,700 women were murdered by intimate partners in the US.

It’s a tough topic, but the conversation is enlightening and uplighting. Promise.

Healing Voices website here

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