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You’re a high-functioning, passionately driven, high-achieving woman who’s so used to doing it all that when you hit a brick wall, you’re lost.

That brick wall can look like sky-high anxiety, crying at nothing!, yelling at your beloveds, work or friends that exhaust you, eating too many carbs, drinking too much wine, always feeling tired, never having enough time … feeling out of control in an out-of-control world.

It can feel like the sadness, grief and despair are just too much to bear anymore.

You try and cope. But you’re tired of putting in a lot of effort and going nowhere. You’re losing confidence in yourself. The responsibilities you have are overwhelming you.

You’re feeling unsure, timid, fearful, uncomfortable with yourself, and lonely, even if you’re in a relationship. 

I’m Melanie, and I specialize in helping outwardly successful women struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression.

You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. Please, click on the link below to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation.

I can help you:

  • learn how to reduce stress and anxiety using CBT and DBT skills
  • use mindful awareness and neuroscience tools to transform low self-esteem
  • explore creative, self-compassionate ways to heal your grief and sadness
  • remember how to be happy

Schedule your
free 15-minute phone consult

You don’t need to struggle alone anymore with anxiety, sadness, or low self-esteem