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You’re a high-functioning, high-achieving woman who’s so used to doing it all that when life gets to be too much, you’re lost. You’ve got a lot of responsibility in your personal and professional lives, and you just can’t keep carrying the weight of it all anymore.

Isolated and Lonely

You feel great about your career, but all you have is work. You’re isolated and lonely, and the pain only gets worse as time goes by. You’re so accomplished in the external world, and yet, you feel so numb and alone when you’re by yourself.

You’ve Lost Your Balance

You’ve got a stressful job, with a lot of responsibility. And while you get plenty of positive feedback from colleagues and clients, you don’t believe them.

You’re feeling unsure, timid, fearful, uncomfortable with yourself, and lonely, even if you’re in a relationship.

It’s Just Not Good Enough

Nothing stops the pain — no matter how busy you stay at work or how much you pretend that living like this is good enough.

Sky-high anxiety, crying at nothing!, yelling at your beloveds, work or friends that exhaust you, always tired, never having enough time …

… feeling out of control in an out-of-control world has become your normal.

It’s Too Hard

You think that strong women aren’t supposed to need help. And you’re scared to lean into those deeply painful memories of things that’ve happened in the past. It’s too hard to remember, to feel those feelings.

You don’t know where to turn to feel safe, or who you can trust to help you figure out what’s going.

I’m Melanie, and I specialize in helping outwardly successful women who are stressed and struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression. The good news? You can learn how to trust yourself again, and fall in love with your future.

You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. Please, give me a call at 505-699-4197, or click on the link below to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation.

Schedule your
free 15-minute phone consult

You don’t need to struggle alone anymore with anxiety, sadness, or low self-esteem

Dr. Melanie Harth, Santa Fe therapist