Making choices can feel overwhelming. Diane Tegmeyer, professional travel and food writer and new resident of Santa Fe, has been through a lot of changes in the last few years.

She and Melanie get personal as they talk about what it means to leave one life for another, making choices, taking risks, and choosing new beginnings.

In her professional life as a travel writer, Diane was constantly faced with making choices. And in her personal life, she was living in New York City during the pandemic year, facing challenging medical issues on her own.

And she’s now living in a brand-new city, navigating a multitude of decisions every day (not to mention moving to Santa Fe from New York City, and before that from Aspen to New York City).

The truth is that, in the larger collective conversation, each of us is now being called to adapt, to innovate, to make better choices. It’s part of the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the tremendous changes we’re facing, whether or not we want to.

It is what we’re facing as we hurtle into ramifications of the climate crisis.

Each of us has the choice to step into healthy adaptive solutions, whether that’s on a very personal level as Diane talks about or on the larger systemic levels of family, community, culture, even humanity.

When the yucky stuff hits the fan, there’s always a choice: to either step forward, toward growth, or backward, where it only feels safe.

These are not times to sit on the couch watching TV. In this era of accelerating demands for innovative adaptation, we must pay a new sort-of attention to the choices we’re making. For growth, adaptation, and transformation begin with one person at a time, moving outward to collective tipping points and game-changing social movements.

We can ride this wave together if we choose to do so. You ready? Let’s go!

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