Did you know that mindfulness, mindful awareness, and/or contemplative practices don’t have to be formal, stick-in-the-mud things?

In fact, the more we can bring mindfulness into our everyday lives, the happier, more content, satisfied, and peaceful we are.

Listen in as Melanie shares a chapter of her book, called Happiness and Mindfulness: a Light-Hearted Guide.

The chapter? “Mindfulness, Dorothy, and That Yellow-Brick Road.”

Here’s a hint:

“I first learned how to cultivate a sitting meditation practice during a time in my personal and professional lives when I was in serious doubt that I’d be able to make it through another day of grinding misery.

Mindlessly having made decisions based on what others wanted me to do, I was left holding the bag. And it was a big bag of nasty stuff, can I just tell you?”

This is the 2nd episode of Melanie’s Happiness in Dark Times solo series.

Melanie Harth’s website is here