Listeners haven’t heard from Katelyn Hilburn in a while. In this episode, we find out what’s been going on with this popular guest.

When we first met Katelyn back in 2016, she was the director of community initiatives for Creative SantaFe. One of her projects was as a team member working to secure a $300,000 NEA grant for artists’ and creatives’ affordable housing. Remarkably, that collaborative project was a big success, and ground was broken a few weeks ago.

Katelyn moved on, completing an intensive business training program for entrepreneurs, founded her own company, called Madre Foods, and unexpectedly had a baby.

All big successes.

By the fall of 2019, things had changed once again, and Katelyn needed to meet the demands of both a growing single-owner business and her personal life.

This episode gives a glimpse into how she’s navigated some rough waters, offering all of us hope and inspiration for the journey of being human.

Dr. Melanie Harth is a psychologist-trained transformational counselor and coach. She’s a licensed psychotherapist, with advanced training in trauma, post-traumatic growth, mindfulness, and innovative adaptation.

She loves sharing provocative ideas with thought leaders and community visionaries about the art and science of happiness as a profound path to living a good life.

Melanie Harth’s website here

Here’s the vid of our recording session — always so much fun to watch!