Happiness isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

You can’t do one danged thing for anyone else when you’re in despair, or feeling hopeless.

Taking a wild guess here … you’re not on the planet to be miserable. You’re not here to drag yourself through each day. Right?

You’re here to thrive. To live and love well, and to give and receive abundantly.

No. It isn’t (always) a quick fix. No, trying to fake being happy when you feel awful doesn’t help.

Why a Playlist for Happiness?

You don’t want to give up, do you? Long-standing mood disorders, including too much sadness, depression, and/or anxiety are very complex. But if you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass to give up.

You may have to work five times harder than the person sitting next to you just to get out of bed in the morning. You can be all victimy, Why me? Poor me!

Or you can do something — anything at all — to help yourself. Lots of times, I do both: feel crummy and keep trying.

Here’s a strategy to help get you up ‘offa your thing, shifting your mindset. Because yes, it’s possible to shift your brain state toward balance and health.

Here’s my personal fav Happiness Playlist, from my heart to yours. Click on the links below. Start doing your Happy Dance. Watch the vids … lots of dancing goin’ on.

And let me know what you learn about yourself … we’re in this thing together. Email me: melanie@melanieharth.com.

Pharrell Williams Happy

Phil Collins Dance Into the Light

Angelique Kidjo & Joss Stone Gimme Shelter

Sly and the Family Stone Dance to the Music

Daft Punk Lose Yourself to Dance

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Pointer Sisters Jump!