Slowing down for happiness, even in hard times, is the focus. Melanie shares thoughts on happiness and mindfulness from the renowned Buddhist psychologist Jack Kornfield. Originally published on UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center website, she discusses an enlightening interview with Kornfield.

As Kornfield says, “falling into despair is not a response that helps anyone.” Melanie shares his ideas about happiness and suffering and compassion and caring.

Gratitude and appreciation are deep dimensions of happiness. Joy is a moral force. And paying attention is what helps us feel the emotions of gratitude and joy.

Melanie shares UC Berkeley’s ten keys to individual and community well-being, which are:

  • altruism
  • awe
  • bridging differences
  • compassion
  • diversity
  • empathy
  • forgiveness
  • gratitude
  • happiness
  • mindfulness

Today’s episode is a quieter one, with Melanie sharing her thoughts, as well as those of Jack Kornfield.

UC Berkeley’s 10 keys to wellbeing, with free quizzes for each, here

Melanie Harth website here