Dr. Brian Luke Seaward returns for another fun, fast-paced, captivating show, all about the consequences of our too-stressful lives and ideas about how to manage it all.

Forgiveness and spontaneous remission, the fourth pillar of spirituality, and “cosmic bread crumbs” … curious? Listen in.

Luke is full of wonderful stories to help us understand how critically important it is to manage stress. It’s a don’t-miss-it conversation.


Dr. Brian Luke Seaward works with the alchemy of humanity and divinity, and is an expert in stress management and mind/body/spirit healing. A pioneer in the field of health psychology, he’s developed wellness programs for several Fortune 500 companies.

Luke taught meditation at the White House from 1990-94; and has taught stress management to heads of states, Olympic athletes, and Broadway actors. He’s written 16 books. Currently, he’s the Executive Director of the Paramount Wellness Institute in Boulder, CO.

Dr. Brian Luke Seaward website here

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