We hear the word “gratitude” everywhere. Tossed around by all sorts of folks, in all sorts of casual ways.

Today’s guest, Heather Monroe, helps us understand how and why gratitude is actually a powerful force for healing and transformation.

In this deep conversation, Heather and Melanie touch on resiliency, purpose in tragedy, relational trauma, and toxic positivity, among many other intriguing ideas.


Heather Monroe is a licensed clinical social worker and an integrative psychotherapist who specializes in relational trauma. She’s the Senior Clinician at Newport Academy and Newport Institute and founder of Monroe Wellness. Her mission is to help people free themselves from the bonds of their past in order to become the creators of their future.

Heather is a sought-after keynote speaker, including at the recent US Journal virtual conference in Santa Fe.

Heather Monroe’s website here



Dr. Melanie Harth is a psychologist-trained transformational coach and mentor. She’s a licensed psychotherapist, with advanced training in trauma, mindfulness, and innovative adaptation.

She loves sharing provocative ideas with thought leaders and community visionaries about the art and science of happiness as a profound path to living a good life.