Journaling can help us uncover a tremendous amount of internal wisdom. Dr. Elaine Casquarelli and Dr. Karin Lubin share insights, ideas, and lots of laughter in this episode.

Elaine is a psychotherapist who incorporates IFS (Internal Family Systems) into her work with clients.

Karin’s professional background includes having been the Global Director of The Passion Test Certification programs. She’s the co-owner — along with her husband, Randy Crutches, of Quantum Leap Coaching and Consulting.  And she’s co-hosted and guest hosted several episodes of Living From Happiness. Karin’s doctorate is in education and organizational leadership.

There is now a large body of research that supports journaling as an activity that can have a profound impact on our health, happiness, and wellbeing. Karin explains some of these benefits to listeners.

And Elaine offers insights into how powerful it can be to understand our internal parts.

When the two are combined together — IFS and journaling — amazing things can happen. Elaine, Karin and Melanie talk about the importance of curiosity and clarity, how to access our inner wisdom, and how journaling can help us reconnect with ourselves.

In the second half, Karin shares her feelings about the books cover art, created by Estella Loretto (be on the lookout for a show with Estella in the near future).

Elaine and Karin are co-facilitating a 6-week virtual journaling wisdom circle Oct 8 – Nov 12, 2021. They’ll incorporate their book — Living From Your Centered Self: An IFS Wisdom Journal — and teach you how to connect with your centered Self and help the wounded and overworked parts of you to heal.

You’ll reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit through guided meditations, journaling and the sharing of your experiences and inner wisdom with one another.

for more information about the Journaling Wisdom Circle, click here

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