Cynthia Jurs is a remarkable woman who has long had an intimate connection with the goddess Tara. She’s a Buddhist teacher, trained by the beloved Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

A practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism. A Lama, initiated in Nepal, in recognition of her many years of dharma practice and dedication to the work of global healing through the Earth Treasure Vases.

Founder of Alliance for the Earth and Executive Director of the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project.

Finally, Cynthia is the guiding teacher at the Gaia Mandala Sangha in Santa Fe. She leads meditation groups, retreats, and pilgrimages, offering a unique blend of engaged Buddhism and sacred activism.

In this episode, she shares insights about Tara and Gaia.

Cynthia has written that the great work of our time is to restore balance and harmony to the web of life, and talks about what that means.

We also talk about how to recognize a sacred calling, how to hear, to acknowledge the thing that won’t leave us alone.

What’s the place of the Feminine in Buddhism, and what does sacred activism mean? Find out by listening to the podcast below.

It’s a deep, lovely show that focuses on contemporary spirituality, offers hope in troubled times, discusses practical ways to help heal our planet, and invites us to participate in sacred community with a highly trained teacher and facilitator.

She also shares details about her upcoming Tara Gaia online retreat; here’s the retreat link.

Here’s the Earth Treasure Vase Facebook link.

Dr. Melanie Harth’s website is here.