You’re struggling to stay positive, but you’re not sure what lights you up anymore. It’s been really rough navigating these challenging times, and you’ve been feeling a little hopeless about changing things.

And while you may be juggling an awful lot right now, you know you could use a little bit of community, and some fresh new ideas without it taking too much time out of your already busy schedule.

If you need a little refuge, along with a few helpful tools and strategies for coping, I’ve got a new program starting in just a few weeks.

It’s a 4-week expressive writing/journaling workshop called Exploring Hope.

You don’t need to have any writing experience. This workshop isn’t about learning how to write better. It’s about you giving yourself the gift of a little bit of time to settle into how you’re feeling, and get curious about what you want and need.

I’m in! Where do I sign up?? Just send me an email:

Relieve Anxiety, Reduce Stress, and Release the Overwhelm

Expressive writing groups are amazing! The benefits include:

  • psychological empowerment Lovely close-up of blooming Apache Plume plant in Santa Fe, NM. Grief counseling, anxiety help, depression, despair with the Santa Fe Therapist, in Santa Fe NM. 87122, 87506, 87048, 87501
  • emotional relief and release
  • creative growth
  • increased well-being
  • deeper clarity
  • stress relief
  • anxiety reduction
  • release the overwhelm

Exploring Hope is a 4-week expressive writing group. We’ll meet together online for 75 minutes every Friday in March, using a confidential video conference program (Secure Video). No worries if you can’t make it live; each session will be recorded and everyone will have the link to access the audio later that afternoon.

We’ll be using short guided meditations, lots of timed writes, helpful resources, and personal feedback from me to help you re-kindle the fire of your curiosity, soothe your nervous system, and will, no kidding, be fun.

I’ll be offering feedback and topic writing suggestions to help you deepen into your truth between each session.

Note: this is not a therapy group. Rather, it’s a guided process writing workshop to help you explore yourself a little more deeply. You never have to share your writing with the group. No writing experience necessary.

Exploring Hope: An Expressive Writing Workshop in Santa Fe, NM


What Exploring Hope, a 4-week virtual expressive writing workshop 

Where Live online, using confidential video conference software

When Fridays noon-1:15pm, March 4, 11, 18, 25 2022

How much $97.

What you need to participate

  • a secure internet connection, and a computer, smart phone or other smart device so you can access the video conference software
  • notebook, journal, or pad of paper and some good pens for free-writes

What if I can’t be there in person, can I download the sessions and listen later? Yes, you can do that. You don’t have to attend the live sessions, although that’s when I’ll share feedback and offer personalized suggestions to participants. Audio of sessions can be downloaded later; you can listen anytime.

What’s expressive writing? It’s a safe, powerful technique for processing your emotions, hearing what you’re thinking below the constant noise of the mind, and beginning to heal what you may’ve been avoiding.

It’s inherently mindful because you’ll be asking your mind to slow down and pay a different kind of attention to what’s happening for you right now.

It’s expressive because you’ll be expressing things you might not have time for, or feel safe enough to do, in your normal day-to-day life.

Where to sign up Just send me an email: Then, I’ll send you an Informed Consent form to read, electronically sign, and send back before the first session. I’ll also send a payment link and run your credit card.

Exploring Hope: An Expressive Writing Workshop in Santa Fe, NM

Group Boundaries

Boundaries are big, meaning really important. In the spirit of setting healthy, appropriate boundaries, to protect everyone’s confidentiality and psychological safety (including yours):

  • All participants must agree to maintain the confidentiality of everyone in the group. This means that names of participants and what happens during the workshop all stay in the workshop.
  • If you’re attending live online, you need to be in a place where no one else can walk into the session, and you can feel free to share if you choose to do that.
  • No screenshots or recording on your own; you’ll be able to download the audio after each session.
  • If you prefer not to be seen on video, and want to participate via audio only, great.

Who am I to teach a writing workshop? Woman sitting at a kiva fireplace petting her Australian Shepard, with New Mexico vista in the background. Help for your mental health with the Santa Fe Therapist. Emotional and spiritual therapy. Online counseling in Santa Fe, NM. 87501, 87048, 87506, 87047
I’ve facilitated successful writing workshops in Santa Fe, written several articles for tiny buddha, and wrote about mindfulness for almost two years for huffpost. For 5+ years, I researched and wrote the scripts for my public radio show, Living From Happiness (KSFR 1011fm). Writing workshops with Natalie Goldberg, Lynda Barry (yes, she rocks), and Mark Matousek have helped me hone my writer skillset.

Truth is, my first love was books, from before I could hold one in my own hands.

All of this writing and teaching writing experience goes nicely with the rest of my professional credentials.

Once you feel into the edges of your fears and understand that you’re safe, no matter what, watch out! Very cool things can begin happening.

Maybe you’ll gain deeper self-insights. Or clarity about what you want and need. You might walk away knowing how to move forward toward your goals and dreams.

(Cool, right?)

It’s $97. (+ 8.45 NM CRS tax) total for four sessions (less than $25. per week).

Send me an email — — to reserve your space. Note: I’m going to keep this workshop small and intimate; it’ll probably fill up quickly.

If you’ve been feeling a bit lost, a little disheartened or discouraged, not sure how to navigate these wild times, this workshop can help. Come – devote just a little time to listening to yourself.

Slow down enough to feel and honor your emotions.

Find out what you’re hungry for.

Watch what happens.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions about Exploring Hope; I’d love to have you join us …

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